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At Siembra Speech Therapy, we understand that every child is unique, and so are their communication needs. Our services are thoughtfully designed to provide personalized, play-based, and child-led therapy that fosters growth and confidence.

why choose siembra

Our commitment to neurodiversity affirming therapy ensures that each child's individual strengths are recognized and celebrated.


Every therapy session is guided by your child's interests, ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience.

Child-Led Sessions

We believe in the power of play to engage and motivate children in their communication journey.

Play-Based Approach

Begin with a free 20-minute consultation where we will discuss your concerns and determine if your child might benefit from a speech and language evaluation.

Initial Phone Consultation

A comprehensive evaluation will identify your child’s unique strengths and needs and determine if they would benefit from speech therapy services. A reevaluation will be completed every 6 months, if necessary.

Together we will create goals and a customized treatment plan for your child. A written evaluation report will be provided to you.

Speech & Language Evaluations

Direct 1:1 therapy sessions are play-based, neurodiversity-affirming, & child-led, incorporating your child’s unique interests into each session.

Therapy sessions are provided in home or the community. Offered in 45 or 60 minute sessions depending on your child's needs.

Teletherapy is available throughout FL and CA!

Speech & Language Therapy

Virtual 30-minute sessions in which the speech therapist will answer any speech & language questions regarding your child. 

This choice is optimal for parents who aren’t sure if their child should be evaluated, but still want peace of mind that they’re doing all they can to ensure their child’s communication skills are on track.

Following our call, you will receive a home program full of tips, tricks and suggestions that you can easily incorporate into your daily activities. 
 $50 per session

Parent Coaching

Jacob., Parent

I would definitely highly recommend Alexis as a speech therapist.


Alexis is an amazing speech therapist. She's very responsive to the child she is addressing, has multiple ways of engaging the child, and is able to pivot to a different direction as needed. She has extremely detailed knowledge on where the child should be with their communication skills and how to get the child to where they need to be. 

Our process

Start therapy and watch your child's communication skills grow! 

03. Start therapy

Schedule and attend the initial speech and language evaluation.

02. initial evaluation

Book a free 20 minute phone consultation.

01. Book a Call

Ready to Transform Your Child's Journey?

Book a free 20-minute phone consultation now to discuss your child's unique needs and explore how Siembra Speech Therapy can make a difference. Our team is here to support you every step of the way.